Welcome to the virtual home of singer/songwriter Abi Moore!


 Abi is as busy as ever with all her arts in the community: putting on shows, leading her acapella choirs, doing some acting, dancing with her flamenco troupe and writing her poems.


Winter is now upon us, so have a listen to Abi's stunning rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'River' or check out her original song "It's Not The Night To Be Alone" from her Winter E.P, which you can buy on CD HERE or download on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and most online music retailers. 



Abi will be back on the road from April 2017 onwards. Keep your eyes peeled for new material, new shows and come along to experience the real deal: a genuine talent keeping her audiences in the palm of her hand with her engaging anecdotes, thought- provoking lyrics, bona fide musicianship and that enchanting voice she's become well- loved for.


And finally, if you want to stay in touch with Abi's frequent Tasty Moore-sels (her online musings, rants and ravings), check them out on her Facebook page below. 


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