It's Not The Night To Be Alone (E.P) (2015)

Abi's brand new winter E.P on CD with 2 bonus tracks that do not feature on the download.

1. It's Not The Night To Be Alone

2. The Christmas Waltz

3. River

4. O Holy Night

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

6. I Believe in Father Christmas

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Just another Christmas... not just another Christmas song.

Independent singer/ songwriter Abi Moore returns with her very first winter record "It's Not The Night To Be Alone," telling an alternative tale of Christmas that's rarely heard.

Described by Bob Harris on his Twitter page last month as "sad, but beautiful," there's certainly no tinsel, mistletoe or Mariah Carey here, and not a single turkey on the whole E.P: the title track is an achingly poignant and beautifully crafted song of loneliness, solitude and regret.

Staying true to her roots, this is Abi in her most pared-back, unpretentious guise, playing solo on piano and needing no further fuss or frills. The simple sound of her wistful voice, a mournful cello and the heartbreakingly engaging lyrics will lift you out of your world and into hers in an instant. 

 "I wrote the song in my car after another night driving across freezing countryside on the way to one of many Christmas shows. Someone had remarked to me that day that it must be so much fun doing gigs over Christmas and New Year and although I don't want to sound ungrateful about what I do, there's an exaggerated feeling of loneliness at that time of year when you're out entertaining other people as a job. It's the old "Great Pretender" theme... the entertainer becomes the clown, masking their own sadness by pleasing other people. You share your soul, come offstage, everyone goes home on a high and you pack up your stuff, drive off into the night alone and do it all again the next night. It's not a new idea, just my take on it."

Her single is part of a Christmas E.P, with Abi making her mark, for the first time, on a handpicked selection of her favourite cover songs. Her enchanting original (quite rightly) takes first place, before giving way to the nostalgic crackle of vintage vinyl on the second track. A huskier Abi (who had a cold whilst recording it!) slowly steps into a smoky spotlight, her voice reminiscent of a modern- day Peggy Lee. The cute guitar part and an old out-of-tune piano played in a one-fingered, childlike fashion create a quirky and endearing 'Christmas Waltz.' You can hear Abi smiling through the last few words, but just when you thought it was in danger of becoming traditionally heartwarming, she returns to what she does best... understated, thought-provoking sorrow on an absolutely stunning rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'River.' It is so beautiful that the track has even been linked and given a spotlight on the official website of none other than Joni Mitchell herself. It's hard to keep a dry eye on this song, until Abi saves us from drowning with a slowly building and then postively soaring homage to Greg Lake on an updated “I Believe In Father Christmas.” Adding violins to the list of guitars and pianos she's played across the whole set, the song brings us to a rousing, uplifting high and then... well, she leaves you wanting more.

Which is good news if you're a fan of the medium of CD, as Abi has added two bonus tracks to those wanting a taste of the traditional music model: 'O Holy Night' and 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' are not available online, giving her most loyal fans a little something extra.

Back Catalogue Bundle (4 Albums)

If you're an avid collector of Abi's work, or would like to share her music out to your friends and family, now's the time to get all FOUR of Abi's albums (INCLUDING postage) for only £30! The bundle includes: The Aftermath of '96, Things We Should've Said, Amoeba & Stone and Live in Lincolnshire. 

Abi Moore: Live in Lincolnshire (2015)


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Abi's first ever live album was recorded at her tour finale concert at Grantham's Guildhall Arts Centre on Friday 10th October 2014.

Backed by her amazing band (Andy Trill on electric guitar, Steven Mears on bass and David Booth on drums), the concert also features the debut duet performance of Wishful Thinking with Paul Liddell.  

This album sees Abi and her band playing her original music with feist, sass and passion. Intelligent pop/ rock with an Americana twist and four part harmonies. 

Amoeba & Stone (2014)


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